Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Goodness, it's been a while. I'm typing from my new laptop!!! I've wanted one for a long time...but actually need one to use at my new job. Since I am taking on some extra hours next week, I decided it was time to treat myself and I love it!! I can't say I'm happy about leaving my girls so much, but it is nice to actually have some moolah!! I'm working as a behavior specialist in Henderson, still working for first steps in Evansville, and of course, still doing photography on the side. I'm meeting with a potential couple this Friday about shooting their St. Patrick's Day wedding!!!

Ellie is now reading like a pro!! She loves it and is encouraged each time she takes a test and does well. She typically gets a perfect score, but bombs a few. I'm totally okay with that though. She's such a perfectionist that I like seeing how she reacts to not getting that perfect score every time. I'm so proud of her, though. Her AR reading level is a 3.8!!!!! She taking tumbling and is ready to start back in piano, as soon as we find a teacher with an opening. I know how to play, but she does better taking lessons from a different teacher. She's also wanting to take swim lessons again.

Ava is growing like a weed!!! She is also taking tumbling and wants to take swim lessons again. Since I have so many jobs, we actually have the money - but maybe not the time - to do all of these activities. Ava knows all of her letters, can write all of her letters, and recognizes and writes most everyone's names in our family. She has become even more independent and grown up lately.

I'm hoping to start blogging regularly again. As if I have the time, right?? But it's good therapy!!

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